Funeral Arrangement Assistance

Coulbert Family Funerals originated from a need to specifically help families who apply to the Department of Work and Pensions to help pay for a funeral.

We are an independent, family company and serve the whole of Oxfordshire. In order to keep our prices within what the Department of Work and Pensions will cover, you will need to book an appointment with us and we will meet you at The Individual Funeral Company in Oxford who kindly let us use their offices. We will get you to sign all of our paperwork but the majority of the funeral arrangements are made via telephone and email.

By undertaking a funeral for only what the Department of Work and Pensions pay out means you should never end up with any additional costs to pay.

We have taken over funeral arrangements after families have gone to other funeral directors only to be locked into an unbreakable cycle for months. Other funeral directors won’t book a day and time for the funeral without a deposit and the Department of Work and Pensions won’t pay out any money without a day & time being booked along with a final bill.

We can break that cycle and we issue a full and final bill to the Department of Work and Pensions immediately. This is because our services are set. You can’t add anything to it and we won’t provide any more than specified on our prices page. We can email our bill directly to your agent at the Department of Work & Pensions and because of this, our bill is usually paid within 5 working days direct into our account so the funeral can take place.

By taking our advice, and if you qualify, the funeral may only take an extra few days to take place and not an extra few months like other funeral directors.

However, in order to keep our prices extremely low, you have to do the calling around. It is up to you to apply to the Department of Work and Pensions. We can’t do this for you. It is also up to you to get the agents name and their correct email address so we can prepare a bill and send it to them immediately. Without you doing this, we can only progress things in the same timeframe you are working.

Call or email now to ask how we can help you.

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